Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September - Roller Coaster

What a month, and it's not over yet.  We had the joys of helping to plan daughter Rachael's wedding, and the extreme sadness of the passing of my father-in-law.

These sketches were done in one afternoon/evening when going with Rachael to the first fitting of her wedding dress.  They're all done with a Lamy Safari fountain pen with Levenger's Empyrean ink, washed with a waterbrush for shading.

This was an apartment building across from the parking lot where I waited for Rachael to arrive on the metro.

Inside the bridal shop, I was sitting in front of a wall-sized mirror, in a large room full of wall-sized mirrors and doors.  This one was fun.

After the mirrors, I drew a few quickies, just to unwind a little bit.

The one on the right is the lower part of Rachael's dress, done quickly while she stood on a platform while the seamstress pinned up the hem to the correct length.

It was a very pleasance evening.  Not too long after, life went to hell in a handbasket.  We're through the worst of it now, with a new appreciation of what family means.

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